Precision Manufacturing Company Limited (PMC)

We are expert in high quality investment casting, whether it be molding, casting, pressing, and producing from plate. The products range from very small instruments such as medical equipments, to large and heavy parts like aerospace parts and complex parts like automotive parts. In every production process, we consider proper calculation of material in order to well utilize materials in production, leaving the least waste materials and still maintain complete and high quality finished product.

All customers can trust in our prominent capabilities which are :

  1. Elimination of Fabrication Welds
  2. Weight Reduction
  3. Machining Reduction due to Near Net Shape
  4. Dimensional Repeatability and Consistency
  5. Smooth Consistent Surface Finish


Registered Capital


100% Thai

Production Capacity

$15M – 70%
can increase
with existing facilities

PMC emphasize on customer’s satisfaction.With our high potential in planning, new international-standard machinery and our concentration in production process from the start until finish, we then guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction on every piece of product.